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Creating Personal Freedom through Connection

Energy Balancing

We are all made up of many parts or systems – physical, mental, emotional and energetic.  Each part of us is interrelated and imbalances in one will in fact affect another if not all others.  Too often we only attend to a couple of these systems that make up our whole.

Matter follows energy, which is why we truly believe in keeping our energy system as clear and balanced as possible to facilitate our complete wellbeing.

Every person is unique, and so will be their experience during and after an energy healing or balance. Generally, the recipient or client will find it deeply relaxing, feel more at peace and often have a sense of things shifting or energy being released; leaving them feeling lighter and brighter.

Enchanted Earth - Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

About The Sessions

During a healing session, the energy therapist will use their hands as a means to connect to the client’s energy bodies, pathways, points and centres-chakras. The therapist feels-senses-sees, intuitively moving around the client, clearing any imbalances and blockages found present. This enables the client’s natural way of being, energy flow and connection to self, to strengthen.

The client is clothed, and the healing is performed mainly hands-off, with some hands-on or light touching occurring.

A session can be anywhere between 20 to 60 mins in duration, it all depends on what is required.

Enchanted Earth is a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner in Gold Coast.

Energetic Alignment

Energetic Alignment is a process intended to create spiritual immunity.

This enables a person to operate in a powerful way from their unique purpose.

Each week is building towards authentic empowerment in a way that enables complete integration. The process is always the same and we have found at the end of the treatment the feedback is very similar. Each person holds their blockages in different ways and parts of the body so the experience for each person is unique.

It is important to know this is actually one treatment although there are 12 sessions.

Why 12 Weeks?

Each session requires an integration of all bodies on all levels: mentally; emotionally; spiritually; physically and environmentally. As more of the natural energy of a person is made available and held, there will be aspects of a person’s ‘usual’ way of operating, (or often coping) which will change or detox.

The body is designed for growth, self- sustainability (health) and fulfilment (happiness). The Energetic Alignment process is dedicated to restoring this functionality or natural way of operating. This is only the beginning of allowing you the power to align all areas of your life to your true nature.

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The Energetic Alignment sessions are both relaxing and nurturing, and have you lying on a massage table, starting with a very light energetic massage and then both hands-on and hands-off healing.

It's time to nurture your energy.

Start feeling lighter and brighter with Energy Balancing.

Create your spiritual immunity with Energetic Alignment.