Earth Essences

individually handmade with heartfelt intentions

high vibe, energising creations from the earth

We are deeply passionate about these exciting high vibe, energising creations that are individually handmade by Tracey. We use nothing but the purest ingredients, Love and the highest Heartfelt Intentions, and all essences and elixirs are created under and encapsulate the energy of a New or Full Moon.

We now use Miron Glass violet glass bottles, atomisers and droppers, which totally protect the contents and only add to the boutique nature and high-frequency product experience. Each healing crystals essence is matched with high quality pure essential oils that resonate with the vibration and frequency of the essence and related chakra(s). Nano Silver particles are also added to preserve and protect the body and essence. Silver also harnesses the Moon Goddess energy.

You will not find any other product of this unique calibre! Use them as a spray around the body, in your aura and energy fields, or in a room to energise your space.

It's time to nurture your energy.

Boost your system, align yourself with divine crystal energy, and enjoy our high vibe, energising creations from the earth. All made with the purest ingredients.

Capture the energetic, emotional and physical healing powers of unique crystals used in our sacred handmade Elixir creation process.