About Us

Be love.

Be joy.

Be creative.

Be free.

Enchanted Earth was created at the start of 2013 from our passion and love of crystals, the universe and mother earth energy.

We want to share this passion and joy, the gratitude and enthusiasm for life; and the appreciation and wonderment of the magical healing energies the crystals and mother earth have to offer.

We are all energy, healing gemstones and crystals too hold it in abundance and in variety. They offer us a way to connect to this magical energy through their pure divine beauty, vibration and resonance. Simply being around a crystal can raise our vibration to their high vibe, without us even consciously connecting to it.

Enchanted Earth is about offering you a chance to open yourself to feeling, discovering your own magical energy and merging your energy with the sacred energies of our crystal companions.

This process will assist and enhance our presence in our world and our life journey. We truly believe that is precisely the purpose of our divine friends – our journey companions.

While the crystals are healers themselves, they want you to delve within and find the same vibration within you; awaken yourself to the divine healer within you.

We want to inspire you to become more of you, through our own inspiration and love of beloved mother earth and her enchanted creations. We hope you find and feel as much love for our Mother Earth’s divine crystal creations as we do.

Meet Tracey, Creator of Enchanted Earth

Hi, I’m Tracey. I am truly passionate and feel deeply blessed to be able to do what I do, helping you to reconnect with your true essence and self. Working with the crystals, healing gemstones and energy therapies, old patterns, blockages, misaligned ways of being can be identified and released, giving you the freedom, choice and power to become who you are meant to be – living in your truth, with purpose.

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner - Tracey of Enchanted Earth

I have been working with energy, animals and crystals for over ten years, but my passion and love of these and nature, has been within me for as long as I can remember.

I have completed many workshops in energy, psychic development, mediumship, tarot reading, angels; the list is extensive. I have studied various forms of energy healing modalities and techniques over the years, including Reiki, Body Psychotherapy, Russian Regeneration and Chakra & Energy Body balancing. In 2009 I also completed my first Animal Communication workshop with the renowned Animal whisperer Trisha McCagh, graduating at Level three.

I spent some time overseas volunteering in conservation and wildlife refuges in Costa Rica, Borneo and Thailand; with my career in corporate finance supporting me.

It was in 2013 that I went through the 12 week Energetic Alignment treatment myself and my life profoundly changed. Needless to say, I gave up my professional career and started following my passions and dreams. I fully resonate with this treatment, its intention, technique and frequency, and its grounded approach to bringing us back to our true selves so when a practitioner training becomes available, I jumped at the chance.

I genuinely want everyone to be able to experience what I did, what I DO experience…. Consciously, the freedom to be me.

Healing Crystals

Our Crystal Offerings

We source our healing crystals by personally selecting them for their specific uniqueness, quality, high vibration and energy and they come from around the world. We offer a boutique range of one-off pieces and treat them as sacred and with love while they await their new homes.

All of our wonderful crystal pieces are as natural and as close to the way Mother Earth created them as possible.

Custom Orders

Are you looking for something special, a particular healing gemstones or crystal from the earth and cannot find it? Perhaps an elixir? Well, be sure to let us know! It will be our pleasure to try and find the perfect crystal companion or elixir for you.

Email Tracey via hello@enchantedearth.com.au now.