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Connect to the heavens and align with your true self.

Your access to some of Mother Earth’s divine and magical crystal creations.

We are excited to offer you a boutique selection of unique, natural, high vibe and affordable healing crystals and gemstones; as well as crystal essences and elixirs; bringing you closer to your own and Mother Nature’s divine beauty and magical energy through her crystal creations.

Healing Crystals
Enchanted Earth - Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

Energetic therapies are about creating personal freedom through connection.

Matter follows energy, which is why we truly believe in keeping our energy system as clear and balanced as possible to facilitate our complete wellbeing. Through energy balancing and energetic alignment, your energy therapist will connect to your energy bodies to support healing and health.

Discover a piece of your own magical healing powers through all that is around you, in and on our enchanted earth.

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A boutique selection of unique crystal rings and pendants.

Earth Essences

Made with the purest ingredients, love and the highest heartfelt intentions.

Natural Crystals

Natural, high vibe and affordable crystals and gemstones.


Creating personal freedom through connection.

Enchanted Earth is about offering you a chance to open yourself to feeling, discovering and owning your own magical energy; aligning with the true essence of you and the sacred energies of our healing crystals companions.